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Half Chaps

Protect your lower legs from bruising with half chaps. An inexpensive alternative to tall boots that can be paired with a wide selection of short boots.

Half chaps, chaps for horse riding, chaps for wide calves

A descendant of the iconic cowboy leg leathers, half chaps are the appropriate protective leg gear for riders when they’re not engaged in lassoing cattle, which is probably most of us in Britain. Chaps started life as a piece of leather tied to the saddles of Mexican and American cowboys and have come a long way. Now they’re so sleek and stylish you can wear them in a dressage test. Designed to stop any pinching, rubbing or bruising from the saddle and stirrup leathers on the lower leg, half chaps are an essential bit of kit for everyone who wants to spend more than five minutes in the saddle, fitting over riding boots with an elastic strap holding them in place under the shoe and additional padding on the inside where you make contact with the saddle. A good pair of leather or suede half chaps will soon mould to the contours of your leg and will feel snug and comfortable all day long. Half chaps are designed to sit snugly around the calf, which is why they’re so notoriously difficult to fit on women, whose lower legs come in more shapes and sizes than there are spots on an appaloosa. Just Chaps have responded to this anatomical reality with a huge range of size combinations, which is one of the reasons we stock them at Saddle Up and Ride. We love their classic suede half chaps and we’ve also selected Mountain Horse soft leather half chaps for our range. Choose from black or brown, suede or leather half chaps and head off on your ride happily knowing your legs will be fully protected from any bumps or bruises …unless you meet a loose herd of cows that need rounding up on the hills.