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Freerein Equipment

The experience that the Freerein team has is second to none, we know all things equestrian and have hand selected the best riding gear and awesome branded products that you need.

Freerein Equipment's riding gear is a great choice for horse riders who demand the best in terms of comfort, style, and protection. With a range of products that cater to different riding disciplines and styles, riders can rest assured that they'll find a product that meets their needs. And with a commitment to quality and attention to detail, riders can trust that their Freerein Equipment gear will last for years to come.

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Freerein Equipment: Hand-picked Riding Gear

Freerein riding holidays in Wales has been giving new and experienced horse riders amazing, unforgettable riding experiences for years. The experience that our team has is second to none, we know country life and all things equestrian better than anyone. That’s why we are proud to have launched Freerein Equipment, a range of hand-selected products that we know will be essential kit for any savvy horse enthusiast.

Key Features

  1. Material: Handmade in Wales, we have soft and comfy t-shirts to celebrate some of our most popular horse riding trails and experiences and branded organic cotton t-shirts too.
  2. Design: As the nation’s best horse riding holiday provider, we know what you need for comfortable and practical riding, so the exclusive Freerein saddle bags, bottle bags and slimline lead ropes are all perfect for trail riding.
  3. Natural Necessity: We’ve worked with local producers to make soothing, natural lip balm and soaps for outdoorsy activities.
  4. Style: Another noteworthy aspect of Freerein Equipment's riding gear is its style. The brand's products are designed to be both functional and fashionable, with sleek, modern designs that look great both in and out of the saddle. The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the products.
  5. Detail: One of the standout features of our Freerein Equipment horsebackisbetterriding gear is the attention to detail paid in the design and construction of each piece. Our team of designers and engineers take great care to ensure that every aspect of their products is functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. From the materials used to the stitching and finishing, everything is done with a keen eye for quality.

Overall, If you’re a fan of the Freerein brand, whether you’ve tried our riding holidays, follow us on social media or just love our horsey logo, we’ve got mugs and water bottles so you can show your love for Freerein Equipment all day long. We focus on quality and stocking trusted equestrian products, and Freerein Equipment is the best of the best.