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Cameo Equine is an expert-led company that’s been making equestrian accessories, clothing and riding equipment for over 150 years.

Cameo equestrian gear is a popular brand that offers high-quality and stylish riding gear for both horse and rider. The gear is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection, using advanced safety technology, breathable materials, and a range of stylish designs. Cameo equestrian gear includes jackets, gloves, baselayers, accessories, yard equipment, all designed to work together to provide maximum protection and comfort while riding or on the yard.

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Cameo: Equestrian Gear and Clothing

Cameo Equine is a family company based in Northern Ireland that has a long history of making equestrian accessories, clothing and riding equipment for over 150 years. This expert-led company designs and manufactures products for riders of all levels, so whether you've been riding since you were walking, or you're trying out a new hobby, you can be sure that Cameo equestrian products will suit your needs. A trusted brand like Cameo only uses the highest quality materials.

Key Features

  1. Material: Support, comfort and style are all equally important for Cameo riding clothes and accessories. Performance Riding Tights and other technical layers for all-weather horse riding are designed with the comfort of the rider in mind. Technical stretch materials, silicone grips and moisture-wicking layers are built in as standard to Cameo's equestrian clothing.
  2. Comfort: Cameo equestrian gear is also designed with comfort in mind. The gear is created to fit snugly on the body without being too restrictive, allowing riders to move freely and comfortably while on the horse.
  3. All Year Wear: The company uses breathable materials that help to regulate body temperature, keeping riders cool and comfortable in warm weather and warm and comfortable in cooler weather. The gear is also designed to minimize wind resistance, which can help to reduce fatigue during long rides.
  4. Quality Tack: As well as technical riding clothes, Cameo is also well-known for making leatherwork and other riding accessories for the horse that are of the highest quality. At our stables here at Saddle Up and Ride we love the Cameo Biothane Rubber Grip Reins. Using new materials that are comfortable and safe for the horses as well as long-lasting and practical for us is a huge bonus. Cameo's excellent products are made with the modern horse rider's priorities in mind.
  5. Stylish: In addition to its safety and comfort features, Cameo and Aubrion equestrian gear is also known for its stylish designs. The company creates gear that is both functional and fashionable, with a range of colors and styles to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a classic, understated look or something bold and eye-catching, Cameo has something for you.

Overall, Cameo equestrian gear is a top choice for horse riders who want high-quality, durable, and stylish gear that provides maximum protection and comfort on the horse. With its advanced safety technology, comfortable design, and stylish looks, Cameo is a brand that you can trust to keep you safe and looking good while you ride.