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Soaps, Balms & Creams

Avoid chapped lips or sunburn this season – get yourself ready to face the elements with our selection of balms and creams designed especially with equestrians in mind. All our products are hand-made and natural, caring for both your skin and the environment.

Lip balm, vegan soaps, natural sun cream

We’ve thought about which salves and lotions make the ideal companions for horse riders and have come up with a range of delicious, hand-made creams, soaps and balms to keep you feeling fresh and moisturised when on your riding adventures. It’s a common problem to get stung by chapped lips when out on trail – you might have come straight from working indoors full-time to being outside on horseback in the sun, rain and wind for the whole day. Our Horse Rider’s Lip Balm is hand-made in Wales from ethically sourced ingredients, 100% natural and good enough to eat. We’ve also created Trail Rider’s Soap, hand-made and vegan, with lemongrass for its natural analgesic properties and tea tree for its antimicrobial profile. Don’t forget sun cream – it can be sunny in the UK, sometimes! Even when there’s cloud cover or intermittent sun, when you’re not adapted to being outside all day, sensitive skin can get burned. Whether you’re prepping for your trail-riding holiday, looking for top-quality natural creams, balms and soaps, or want to treat your horsey friends to some equestrian-themed goodies, our range of hand-made, natural products is sure to please the senses, leave you feeling fresh, and protect you from the elements.