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Horse Riding T-shirts

All our Freerein Horse Riding T-shirts are made from high-quality organic cotton, use phthalate-free ink and have a topnotch lithographic screen printing process.  

Equestrian Shirts

If there was a definitive list compiled of the ultimate versatile wardrobe items, the T-shirt would certainly be right there at the top. It’s possible to pair the humble tee with almost anything and look good, especially jodhpurs or jeans, plus they’re essential for layering up.

Put another way, to make your horseback riding journey meaningful you just can’t underestimate the importance of having an awesome T-shirt that will highly maximize your appearance and make you more comfortable when you are in the yard or at the saddle.

Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we have dedicated our entire time and energy to making sure that we giving you the very best products and making you enjoy every second when you are horseback riding.

Apart from Horse Riding T-shirts, we have awesome Horse riding Hoodies, Riding Socks and Riding Underwear. Our product qualities will amaze you. Guaranteed.

Cotton Horse Riding Shirts

Our Freerein tees are all made from organic cotton – better for you and your body, but essentially better for the environment too; organic cotton farming creates healthy soils which act as a sponge to hold water and nutrients, promoting biodiversity.

When more people switch to organic cotton, there will be fewer chemicals and microplastics released into the environment – hooray! People with sensitive skin, allergies and chemical sensitivities also find organic cotton much easier to wear, especially when it’s the first layer next to their body.

If you’re not sure what to wear, reach for your T-shirt selection! Our T-shirts make a great memento of your Freerein riding holiday adventure, lovely gifts for horse-riding buddies and are ideal for worn while out on the trail with us. The pretty Freerein prints feel soft, have a sharp finish and last longer too, thanks to the lithographic screen printing process we use.

Our commitment to using high-quality, non-toxic materials doesn’t stop there. All the ink used in our T-shirts is phthalate-free, the only option if you want to tread lightly on the land. Conventional printing releases a long list of nasty chemicals into nature and the result just isn’t as good.

Win-win for you and the environment! Our Freerein T-shirts also come from a fully traceable and responsible supply chain so you can rest assured there’s nothing toxic in any part of these garments and they look great too!

What is the dress for horse riding?

Well, the whole horseback riding activity comprises a wide range of dresses to make it more effectively. Dresses range from quality riding helmets, riding boots, good socks, gloves, equestrian belts, and horse riding tights without forgetting to mention the horse riding protector which ensures maximum protection to a rider when he/she is on the saddle and at the yard in generally. All things hold special importance therefore as a rider you should give all the same respect.

What should you not wear when riding a horse?

We have been constant get asked this question every time and our best response when it comes to what should you not wear when riding a horse will always be anything that will make you be very uncomfortable when you are in the saddle or at the yard in general.

You should as well avoid wearing sandals and other cowboy boots and hats that are very easy to break out and get you exposed to massive risks. Above all, your body protector should not get too long to the point of touching the saddle completely.

What are horse riding shirts made of?

Since we are simply talking about the best product when it comes to horseback riding, mostly good horse riding shirts are made of organic cotton since it is very friendly to people with sensitive skin, allergies, and other chemical elements. And we think that’s the very important thing.

Our Horse Riding Tshirt brands

In our store, we have the most wanted horseriding T-shirt brand of all time called Freerein Equipment. And the good news is it available in a wide range of colours, from grey, green and many more. Our T-shirts are purely made from organic cotton which is 100% skin-friendly and above all, they have a very iconic lithographic print which makes them iconic.

To wind up, you can’t underestimate the impact of the horse riding shirts when it comes to the riding process. Apart from making you look very stylish they are also specially designed for riding. To make a long story short, you can visit our store now and pick the one you like at a very affordable price full of the maximum quality.

We are wishing you a very successful riding journey!