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Breastplates For Horses

Breastplates can be an essential bit of tack. Your horse just needs a breastplate to stop its saddle from slipping back. Grab yours here!

Breastplates For Horses, Five Point Breastplates

Having a successful horseback riding journey is all about having everything in the right place. A lot has been said about breastplates for horses. In this post, we will be talking about things most people don’t know about it.

Breastplates are designed to help stop your saddle from slipping back – some horses just have the right (or wrong!) physical combination, big shoulders and a flat rib cage, which encourages the saddle to move backwards.

In this case, using a breastplate during everyday riding is incredibly useful.

Historically breastplates were used extensively, along with cruppers to stop saddles from slipping forwards. They became surplus to requirements for general riding as the design of saddles improved but are still seen in use in competitive ridings, such as polo, racing, and in western riding.

However, some riders may choose to strap on a breastplate for extra peace of mind when they engage in high-speed riding and jumping, like during trail hunting or cross-country.

Different Types of breastplates for horses

There are two main designs of the breastplate in English riding, the three-point or hunting breastplate, and the five-point. Both have elasticated fixtures and often sheepskin padding and attach to the saddle at the D-rings and girth.

The five-pointer also connects to the billet of the saddle. Breastplates also come with removable martingale attachments.

Looking for the best breastplates for horses? We have got you covered. Here at Saddle Up & Ride, we sell both kinds of breastplates and this is what we have got for you.

Wintec Breastplate: This wintec breastplate is made of non-stretch durable synthetic material, its lightweight, durable breastplate will help to keep your saddle in place on those hard-to-fit horses and bring in massive extra peace when in action.

And on top of that, these breastplates are tested to 500kg breaking strain and feature durable, stainless steel buckles.

Shires Avignon 5 Point Leather Breastplate: This iconic breastplate is made up from superior, vegetable-tanned leather, unique features and its elastic inserts ensure a more comfortable fit for your horse. In our store you can get any amount of them you want.

How You Can Correctly Fitting A Breastplate?

Fitting your horse breastplate is not even rocket science. All you have to do is to make sure you keep everything in the right place. Firstly, you have to put the saddle exactly where it supposes to be (Balanced).

Secondly, you should start fitting the Breastplates smoothly so that the saddle won’t disappear. And then, you have to ensure your breastplate has a bit of elastic to allow slight moves.

Look, you can have a powerful saddle but if your horse plate is incorrectly then your saddle will not be balanced.

Is a breastplate the same as a martingale?

“Breastplates or martingales are horse equipment that can be used together or separately. Breastplates keep the saddle from slipping back while you are riding. Martingales will keep the horse from tossing its head.”

(Equestrian Collections)

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