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You’re in the right place to buy Heiniger horse clippers and blades. The sophistication, durability and precision of this Swiss brand is second to none for horse grooming.

Heiniger horse clippers and blades

The best horse grooming accessories

Heiniger’s clippers, blades and grooming accessories are an icon of quality all over the world, and it should be no surprise that they are heir to more than 70 years of Swiss mechanical tradition. The Heiniger clippers, clipper blades and clipper oil we carry were designed and manufactured in Switzerland and no other grooming supplies can match their level of sophistication, durability or precision. Heiniger knows horses as well, which is demonstrated by the low noise levels and high degree of comfort their grooming equipment offers.

Swiss-designed horse grooming supplies

There are many horse clippers available for all your grooming needs. The Heiniger SaphirHorse is a great example of what you can expect from this company. It weighs just 440 grams, and its cordless, nearly silent operation reduces sensory stress on your animal. This top quality equine clipper brand has the most comfortable tools we’ve seen for the groomer, which is no small concern for us! Of course, you can’t forget the clipper blade sets and clipper oils to keep your clippers in top shape.

Quality Heiniger horse clipper blades

Many of us use Heiniger clippers and shears ourselves. They provide the simplicity and ease of use an inexperienced groomer needs to gain a horse’s trust, as well as the precision and long-lasting construction they need to become not just your favourite grooming tools but also your ‘old reliable’ standbys. Nothing comes close, and there isn’t much reason to use any other brand of clippers. Better still, they never stop refining their designs. Every new development in the field is quickly incorporated in the next line of Heiniger grooming products.