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Vermin Control

Struggling to keep your entire yard safe? We’ve searched the earth for the best rodent control and found it, all the way on the other side of the world.

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Rats and mice are a common problem at stables and yards. Unless you can keep some cats that are very good at hunting on site, the issue can get out of hand. Rodents are known vectors of disease and can contaminate feed with excreta, ruining large quantities of expensive horse food if they find a way into it.

“Horses are susceptible to a number of annoying pests, including bot flies, lice, and mange (itch mites). Confined horses may be plagued by the house and stable flies, while those on pasture may encounter horse flies, deer flies, face flies, and horn flies.”


Let’s face it, It’s never fun having a rodent problem, but it’s a common issue in a yard because mice and rats love stables with their feed sources and cosy corners.

We have said this before and we will say it again that, Using poison not only results in a prolonged cruel death, it can have many unwanted knock-on effects, such as the poisoning of other domesticated animals, wildlife or livestock. Secondary poisoning is especially an issue for scavenger birds like kites and owls.

To make a long story short, The best methods of rodent control do not use poison, target the rodent directly and deliver a quick death at the head.

“The best way to fully defend your horse from biting, disease-carrying insects is to attack multiple fronts.” Says Farnam in its article Horse pest control.

What is the best way to keep flies off of horses?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? Yes? Okay, this amazing article has got you covered.

Listen, Here at Saddle Up & Ride we’ve searched the earth for the best rodent control and found it, all the way on the other side of the world.

It is called Good Nature A24 Rat & Mouse Trap, all the way from New Zealand. where they have some serious rats!

These multi-award-winning traps work by enticing rodents to reach up and sniff into a chamber, resulting in a quick blast to the head which kills it immediately.

Importantly, the rodent is then left lying freely on the ground, enabling predators to scavenge the body without any risk to themselves, while the trap resets itself. This intelligent design means there’s finally a way to humanely solve a rodent issue without putting anything else at risk.

Here is our it works…

“When a rodent tries to get the food source it sets off a trigger, resulting in instant death and leaving the rodent loose on the ground for scavengers. The trap then immediately resets itself.”

(Saddle Up & Ride)

This rat trap might be even smarter than a clever pussy cat! Quit sitting on the sidelines come into our store and pick what is best for you. NOW!