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A centuries-old British family business, Skinners produced dog food made for outdoor and working dogs. Make Skinners dog food a staple product in your stables.

Skinners dog food for working dogs

A British brand with a rich history

Skinners is one of the oldest British companies for dog food and canine nutrition. For more than 50 years they have been dedicated to producing products with the highest nutritional quality, but the history of Skinners began much further back. We have to go back to 1688 (yes, to the 17th century!) when the original corn mill was set up in the Suffolk countryside by the Skinner family, and for 7 generations the family business has grown into a specialist animal nutrition company that uses British sourced ingredients and grains that surround the local fields of their state-of-the-art factory.

Keep your working dogs happy and healthy

The British family business Skinners specializes in dog food designed and produced to feed working dogs or those dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors, at the stables or in the fields. They produce both dry and wet food for dogs as well as some tasty treats for your loyal four-legged friends. High in protein and healthy fats for a strong immune system, Field & Trial dry food is a reliable option, in chicken and salmon flavours.

The best dry dog food by Skinners

As a centuries-old British family business, Skinners stands out from the rest in so many ways. Just like us, we know you’ll want to choose the best of the best for your working dogs or family pets, and Skinners dog food is just that. Balanced nutrition and tasty flavours, locally sourced from a great UK company, this dog food is top of the line.