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Saddle Bags For Horses

Essential for serious trail riders and happy hackers, our bespoke saddle bags are made exclusively for Freerein Equipment in the UK. Find out what makes our selection unique.

Saddle bags for horses & saddle bags for trail riding

Whether you are a day-tripper, hikers or backcountry saddle bags are non-negotiable equipment. Having a nice bag for your pieces of stuff is a very recommendable thing to do for memorable equestrian adventures.

The best saddle bags for horses? Look no further, here at Saddle Up & Ride we have got plenty of them. The brand? Freerein. Our iconic Freerein Equipment Saddle Bags are a must-have for any passionate trail rider.

Each saddle bag is handmade in South Wales by a single craftsman who puts hours of concentration, dedication, and cares into each product, helped along by “a bit of whiskey in my coffee”.

Our saddlebags for horses are ideal for hacking, endurance, and long-distance riding, these saddle bags have been tried and tested by countless intrepid equestrians in the Welsh hills for over three decades and have proven to be incredibly durable and practical.

The saddle bags are crafted from 1,000 denier material – waterproof, dirt-repelling and lined with polyester PVC. The material is so reliable and robust it’s also used to make army equipment. It’s easy to care for, machine washable and quick-drying.

What should I put in my horse saddle bag?

We get constantly asked a lot about this question, okay well. There are so many Things You Can Put In Your Saddle Bag, things as the first aid kit, your phone, charger, your ID, snacks, water bottle and a notebook. Just to mention a few.

Therefore, for hacks, endurance rides, or spending the whole day out on horseback, our Freerein Equipment saddle bags are ideal.

With two large compartments secured with adjustable-length clips and slip pockets, you can easily fit in your picnic and first-aid kit, lightweight waterproofs, a water bottle and any other small essentials.

How Do You Attach A Saddle Bag To A Saddle?

In horse riding, saddlebags sit in various positions, on the back, side, or front of the saddle. Most attach to the saddle by straps and ties. They can be made from various materials. Although leather was the traditional material, it is heavier and requires more maintenance than many modern versions.


Our Freerein Saddle Bags Products

Freerein Equipment Expedition Saddle Bags with Secondary Girth: Unique design and hand made from wales making them hard-wearing, waterproof and mud-repellent. They are the ultimate multi-day expedition saddle bags from Freerein, for memorable equestrian adventures.

Freerein Equipment Bottle Bag: This Handcrafted exclusively for Freerein Equipment Bottle Bag by Freerein Equipment is the perfect piece of kit for any rider who enjoys getting out and about, they have everything you need for an iconic riding.

Freerein Equipment Saddle Bag: An exclusive Equipment saddle bag is a must-have for all equestrians who love trail riding. It has enough roomy to fit all your essentials in – picnic, first-aid kit, waterproofs and water bottle with two slip pockets providing additional space.

Besides that, it has two clips that connect the saddle bag to your Girth straps, keeping it secure and minimising flapping, even at higher paces.

Heading off on a multi-day equine adventure? For longer trail rides our Expedition Saddle Bags are ideal. These sets of bags attach to the D-rings on the Freerein Edition Thorowgood Saddle as well as to the girth straps and girth, stabilising the bags at faster paces.

We’ve sent thousands of riders across Wales on week-long riding trips using just these for Saddle bags for horses for luggage. Talk about tried and tested! Our bottle bags complete the set – lying across your horse’s withers, they attach to the front D-rings and girth straps, allowing for quick and easy access to your water and snacks.

Quit sitting on the sidelines, Go to Our Store now and choose your best saddle bags for horses from matching black, red or blue trim for all Freerein Equipment saddle bags. Once your bags are packed, there’s nothing stopping you!