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Because we’re passionate about using and promoting good quality horse tack, our range of bridles is made from eco-friendly hypoallergenic leather that’s tanned under stringent REACH guidelines. Explore our selection of beautiful bridles and reins.

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Bridles are the most prominent piece of tack on your horse, so they’ve got to look great. But they also make contact with some of the most delicate and sensitive parts of horses’ bodies, so they’ve got to have comfort as a priority. While bridles have been simply seen as a means of control through the bit, new research has shown their influence on a horse goes far beyond that. Modifying bridle design can have a huge effect on a horse’s entire movement, not only through the front end and the head. Oral lesions, tongue rolling and steering issues have been shown to be a result of a horse attempting to find relief from bridle pressure, or to rebalance a bridle’s instability. Research has also revealed that horses experience pressure from the bridle at the at the base of the ears where the browband meets the headpiece rather than just at the poll. We love anatomically designed bridles which are crafted with the aim of improving comfort through the correct distribution of pressure. Our range of innovative leather bridles from Ecorider is designed to minimize pressure and maximize control. This is achieved through intelligent contouring, to avoid pressure on the cheeks and facial nerves. Extra padding in the headpiece enhances comfort. The super-soft leather is not only a pleasure for you to handle, but gentle on your horse’s face too. Ecorider’s products use eco-friendly hypoallergenic leather manufactured to strict REACH guidelines, meaning they avoid using toxic chemicals. We also stock bridles from Wintec and a selection of reins, covering all your bridle requirements.