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Neue Schule Tranz Lozenge 16mm EggButt

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SKU: 237-534
EAN: 5065009266180
  • Eggbutt with lozenge
  • Recommended for unconfident horses
  • Ergonomically designed bit
  • Made of Salox® Gold for relaxation and acceptance

    This unique eggbutt snaffle is ideal for horses that lack confidence in making contact through the bit, offering stability in the mouth to boost assurance. This bit is recommended for horses with short, tense necks and for riders looking for assistance with directional control. The Tranz Lozenge 16mm Eggbutt from industry pioneers Neue Schule is crafted from gentle, warming metal, Salox® Gold. Thanks to its careful cheek and mouthpiece design, it helps to maintain feel and response between horse and rider.

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