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KENT & MASTERS | S-Series | Compact | GP | 17.5" | Brown

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SKU: 683
  • S-Series
  • GP
  • High Wither, Standard Wither and Low Profile
  • Changeable Gullet 'R' Bar


This saddle has a unique design compared to our Universal GP option. Riders who have a slim build or narrower hips may find it more suitable for their needs. The "compact" label refers to the streamlined seat, making it a great choice for petite riders on larger ponies or small horses. The forward cut also allows for a secure jumping leg position, making it a versatile choice. It offers three panel options for horses with different wither profiles, as well as adjustable velcro knee and calf blocks for a customized fit. The ghosted stitching on the knee pad adds both style and comfort, while the four girthing options ensure optimal stability for the saddle.

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