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Gallagher Portable Solar Fence Energizer S40

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SKU: 187
EAN: 9414701345307
  • Works for up to 3 weeks without sun
  • Durable, drop resistant, waterproof
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Integrated lightning protection
  • 7 year warranty

    The Gallagher Portable Solar Fence Energiser S40 is the ultimate solar-power fence energiser: powerful, portable, easy to install and able to electrify up to 5km of fencing. The energiser can function without direct sunlight for up to three weeks, making it able to withstand even the worst winters. The S40 has a built-in lightning conductor for safety and is so durable it comes with a seven year warranty – a great, eco-friendly alternative to battery powered energisers.


    – Maximum output voltage (V): 7800V

    – Charging energy (J): 0.40

    – Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.29

    – Solar panel (Watt): 4

    – Number of earthing rods required: 1 x 1m

    – No vegetation: 5km

    – Light vegetation: 3km

    – Dense vegetation: 1.5km

    – Fence surface: 2ha

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