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Gallagher Fence Energizer M160 (for mains power)

  • Suitable for shorter runs of multiple wire fence up to 9 km
  • Easy to install and operate mains equipment
  • With integrated lightning protection

The M160 fence energiser is for mains-powered electric fencing and comes with integrated lightning protection. It’s easy to install and operate and provides a reliable deterrent to horses or other large animals. The Gallagher Fence Energizer M160 is suitable for around 9km of fencing and is powerful enough to electrify fences with multiple wires.


    – Maximum output voltage (V): 7700

    – Charging energy (J): 1.6

    – Maximum impulse energy (J): 0.6

    – Number of earthing rods required: 2 x 1 m

    – No vegetation: 9km

    – Light vegetation: 3.5km

    – Dense vegetation: 1.8km

    – Fence surface: 6ha

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