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Equine Products UK Restore-Lyte 1.5kg

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SKU: 616
EAN: 5060201880295
  • Helps maintain muscle integrity and energy supply
  • Contains a non-glucose carbohydrate source
  • Contains the amino acid glycine which can improve the efficacy of dietary electrolyte supplementation
  • Contains Vitamin C, an important antioxidant

Ionised body salts (positive and negative) are essential to a horse's wellbeing and ability to reach its maximum performance. Restore-Lyte is designed to help expediently replenish these ions lost via sweating during exercise or hot conditions.

It helps maintain muscle performance and energy supply, containing a non-glucose carbohydrate source, the amino acid glycine, which can enhance the efficacy of dietary electrolytes, and Vitamin C as an important antioxidant.

This product features a strawberry flavour and colouring, making it highly appealing.

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