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Will a breastplate stop my saddle slipping? (Science Explained)


“Whether your horse is just the kind of shape that needs a breastplate to stop their saddle slipping back, or you’re involved in demanding riding like cross-country, breastplates can be an essential bit of tack” 

(Saddle Up & Ride)

Have you seen the pattern?  

Have you noticed how breastplates are important pieces in the horseback riding puzzle?

Would you dare to go out there and do the job without them? 

Just don’t. It won’t end well. Peril. 

Will a breastplate stop my saddle from slipping? In a word yes. 

But I will explain it in detail so that you can comprehend it. 

The idea that we are going to present will have the potential to change your entire outlook on breastplates and take your riding journey to the next level. 

Listen, Breastplates are designed to help stop your saddle from slipping back when riding. This is not debatable.

Let’s be real, some horses have abnormal physical combinations which make the saddle unstable thus moving backwards. With that being said, the breast plates are non-negotiable. 

So, whoever questioned whether a breastplate is ideal for making the saddle stable then yeah, it is. It's among of those important component when it comes to What Should Be In A Horse Saddle Bag

“The breastplate prevents the saddle from slipping back on the horse. But be sure it fits: snug enough not to catch a hoof when jumping and not too tight to cut into the horse's muscles,”

Says Stratford Saddlery

how to fit a breastplate In Simple Steps

Despite it being a more important part of the equestrian tool kit, for it to function properly one has to make sure it fits the horse properly. Fitting your horse breastplate is not even rocket science. All you have to do is to make sure you follow the right procedures. 

And here is what you need to do:

Go straight over your horse's head and start dressing him.

Put the saddle well where it wants to be (middle of the horse) It has to be balanced to avoid discomfort.

Then start fitting your breastplate, and connect it with the saddle. This is very important. 

Make sure your breastplate has three solid points of contact with the saddle to avoid unnecessary movements. 

Your breastplate has to touch the horse’s skin but should not be much tight. 

“The breastplate neckstrap should sit on the shoulder line, behind the neck. The base of the neckstrap should be positioned centrally at the lowest point of the neck and highest part of the chest.” Suggests Equine Knowledge


“One hand's width should fit between the top of the horse's neck and the breastplate neckstrap.” 

Best Briestplates For Horses

When it comes to breastplates, as always you should always go for the right ones. The one that will ensure your saddle remains stable and organized. The best for that comes from the two biggest brands, Shires and Wintec. 

Wintec Breastplate: Lightweight and durable Easy to care for the Wintec breastplate is made of non-stretch durable synthetic material with a nylon webbing core that’s easy to care for – simply wash down after use. Tested to 500kg breaking strain and feature durable, stainless steel buckles.

Shires Avignon 5 Point Leather Breastplate: An iconic breastplate with a comfortable and flexible fit made from superior, vegetable-tanned leather, unique features of the Shires Avignon 5-point leather breastplate include distinctive stitching detail, a detachable running martingale and durable, stainless steel fittings.

Closing Message:

The whole agenda of will a breastplate stop my saddle slipping?, has in many different ways got the perfect answers, you really should have one whenever you want to have successful riding. The sooner you will understand this the better. No exception.