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What should be in a horse saddle bag? (Complete Guide)


What should be in a horse saddle bag (Complete Guide)

Anyone who thinks horseback riding can easily get done without having a proper saddle bag, think again it is here to stay.

Having an iconic bag for your pieces of stuff is a very recommendable thing to do for memorable equestrian adventures.

That’s not debatable. 

About a horse saddle bag?

Of course, we get asked a lot, 

What should be in a horse saddle bag? 

Where do you put saddle bags on a horse? 

If you are thinking the same, worry not this amazing piece of content has got you covered. 

It’s not a secret that for you to have a well-balanced and meaningful riding you just need saddle bags. Bags that you're going to put all of your stuff in. Bags that have been tried and tested by countless intrepid equestrians in the world.

“Whether you are on a new trail or one that you've ridden countless times, there's always the possibility that something unexpected can happen.  Says Nrs World in its article The complete Horse Pack Trip List. 

And it can continues…

“Fortunately, being smart about what you put in your trail riding saddle bags will help prevent any serious disasters and help you relax and enjoy the ride.”

What to pack in your horse saddle bag

Essential Items:

When it comes to what should be in a horse bag, here are the most important thing you should try not to forget. 

  • A water bottle
  • Identification tag
  • Clinical halter
  • Lavender balm
  • Pocket knife
  • Tick ease
  • Fly mask
  • First aid kit
  • Mini wound care kit
  • Alushield (convenient for washing out your wound)
  • Pak-A-Roo Parka (For coverage and waterproofing)
  • Pair Of SSG Gloves (Fabulous for taking away brush, twigs, logs or anything like that)

Other Things To Be Included:

  • A small towel 
  • Phone charger
  • Your Phone
  • A notebook
  • Duct tape
  • Hoof picks

Best saddle bag for horse

When it comes to the best saddle bag for horses there are some products that should always caught your attention. Here at Saddle Up & Ride we have the most iconic brand in the market. Would you want to know them? Here they are:

  • Free rein Equipment Bottle Bag.
  • Free rein Equipment Saddle Bag.
  • Free rein Equipment Expedition Saddle Bags. 

The good thing about our Saddle bags? 

They have a well unique design, enough roomy to fit all your essentials, waterproof and girth straps, keeping it secure and minimizing flapping, even at higher paces.

How to put a saddle bag on a horse?

Putting your saddle bad at the right position is how you win the entire horseback riding activity and maximize your comfortability ten times better between you and the horse. This is not even up for debate. 

So, how do you tie on saddlebags? Here’s the general process:

  • First, find the D rings located on your horse saddle. 
  • Then, loop the saddlebag straps through the D rings on the saddle and attach the Velcro back to your saddlebag. 
  • For added stability, unhook the straps from the front of your saddlebag and loop it under the rigging of your saddle.

(Source: Horse Tack Database)

What makes a good pack horse?

“Regardless of what color he is, a pack horse must stand quietly, behave sensibly, load easily and follow loyally. In addition to his strength he must be patient, docile, gentle, free of vicious habits and be a paragon of common sense.” Suggests the Long Riders Guild in its article The Key To Equestrian Travel

Looking for the most iconic saddle bags that will make your horseback riding journey ten times better? Look no further, Here at Saddle Up & Ride we have all iconic products ranging from Horse Riding Boots, Leadropes, Grooming, Hoofcare and many more. All you have to do is to tap in and pick what is best for you.