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What's the difference between horse riding boots and normal boots?

A lot has been said about the difference between horse riding boots and normal boots but this article is going to tell you things that you don’t know. Eye opener piece of content. 

Just like we have said before, your horseback riding journey won’t be completed and meaningful without having riding boots on your feet. 

That is not questionable.

I will be the first to admit Horse riding boots are second to important with the riding hats when it comes to vital horse riding tools any rider should have. 

Anyone who thinks riding boots are just a bonus, think again they are here to stay. As someone who specializes in equestrian activities, I don’t have enough words to emphasize how vital boots are when riding. 

But wait, we have a few cases to be solved here…

What makes a boot a riding boot?

Can I wear regular boots to ride a horse?

Can I wear regular boots to ride a horse?

Did you also face these same challenges? Stay locked. 

In the next few paragraphs, we are going to address all and your entire mindset about riding boots will never be the same. 

What is special about horse riding boots?

To be more direct, there are crystal clear differences between the horse riding boots and normal boots. This is not debatable. 

There are so many angles that make these two boots entire differently, and that’s what you are going to learn here. 

Are you ready? Okay well, here are some differences. 

Heel Structure

We keep on saying this every time and we won’t stop, the major difference between horse riding boots and normal boots lies in the heel structure. Things are completely different. 

Listen, to make it more clearly, horse riding boots have a distinct heel structure shaped strategically which offers support and prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup the case might differ from normal boots, which may have a little heel. 

“Whatever style you choose, any riding boot should have a small tread and a heel that is about 1 inch (2.5cm) to 1 ½ inch high this will help in preventing the foot from sliding…” 

Says The spruce pets in its article “Choosing Safe Horse Back Riding Boots”

Wide Toe cushioning

This is the biggest difference, with professional horse riding boots they normally have a wide toe cushioning which highly enhances proper toe distribution and this is very vital when it comes to horseback riding. 

The case is different from normal boots, they don’t necessarily have a wide cushioning, and in the article Why Do Horse Riders Wear Long Boots we talked about this. 

Riding Boots Are High Enough

Yes, you have read right, riding boots usually are high enough up the leg to prevent the leathers of the saddle from pinching the leg of the rider. 

“Riding boots should fit well and the classic knee-high boot should be tall enough to reach the back of the knee.” Says Horze

Normal boots? Not necessary to be high enough, they are usually short and simple. 

Lastly, classic riding boots have a stretch panel and zip guard purposefully to allow a small amount of movement and prevent damage to the zip when riding. 

Closing Message:

What’s the difference between horse riding boots and normal boots? Solved. You can choose to wear whatever types of boots you want when riding but when it comes to efficiency and comfortability, having the right boots is indispensable.