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Why Do Horse Riders Wear Long Boots (Science Explained)



A long riding horse boot

Horse riding boots are the perfect definition of equestrian elegance. We have said it once and we will say it again that your horseback riding journey won’t be accomplished and meaningful without having the proper horse riding boots.

This isn't even up for a debatable. 

We have seen countless folks struggling to maximize their riding activities simply due to their inability to know what to wear during the process. Neglecting quality data on what to have on your feet won’t do any good for you.

We constant get asked this question, why do horse riders wear long boots we are happy to tell you that we have all the proven and useful information concerning this one. The information you are going to get will easily blow your mind. 

But before we delve deeper, let’s make one thing clear, For a rider, wearing long Horse riding boots is not a compulsory thing to do.

A rider can wear any type of boot he/she wants to, depending on the preferences and the kind of riding he/she is involved in. As long as will be comfortable. 

Provide Extra Flexibility

Okay, let's face it now. Horse riders wear long boots when riding since they are ideal for jump work when the stirrups are higher because the laces at the vamp of the shoe provide extra flexibility at the ankle.

Again, these boots are packed with innovative design features for durability and comfort. We are talking about the best heel and sole which help your feet to stay in the correct place in the stirrup hence maintaining the correct leg position when riding. 

Offer More Protection

Also according to Horse And Around, riders wear long boots since they prevent chuffing and pinching from the stirrup leathers, as well as offer some protection from a fall. We all know that when you are in a saddle anything can happen at any time so having something quality for protection is indispensable.

Winter Favorites

Are you honestly going to argue about this? You just can’t. When it comes to why do riders wear long boots this one is not debatable.

Long riding boots are ideal for keeping riders’ feet dry and providing excellent moisture regulation hence maximizing the riding process ten times better. This has been explained in the article What Are The Most Comfortable Riding Boots and it's true.

Wearing short riding boots might not be a nice move one could make especially when the weather is full winter. The latter will cause some unnecessary tension. 

Long riding boots provide excellent moisture regulation, which keeps feet dry and thus pleasantly warm. These are also ideal for the cold season at the yard.” (Kramer)

Can you use normal boots for horse riding?

Being the most important horse riding equipment (Horse Boots), our response has always been the same, for the sake of having maximum comfortability and safety you really just can’t use normal boots for horse riding.

Sorry to burst your bubbles but that’s the truth. 

Listen, it is not all about fashion here, it’s about having something proven in your entire feet that will make you comfortable and highly risk-free. The good thing about these horse riding boots is that, they are specifically designed to help you have the best horseback riding. 

“Second only to a helmet, your footwear is an important gear category for horse riding. Good riding boots also support your leg and ankles to help you maintain a correct leg position when you ride.” (Horse Learner)

Final Thought:

When it comes to why do horse riders wear long boots, we serious hope this amazing article managed to give you all of the important detail concerning that one, all you have to do is to read them effectively and see how you can highly maximize your horseback riding journey to the next level, it’s possible.