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Our Favourite Neue Schule Bits!

At Saddle Up and Ride, we're always looking for the best products to offer our customers, and that's why we're excited to introduce Neue Schule bits to our inventory.

Neue Schule is a brand that's all about improving the connection between horse and rider through innovative design and superior materials. Their bits are made with a unique metal alloy that promotes relaxation and acceptance in the horse's mouth, leading to a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for both horse and rider.

One of our many favourites is the Turtle Top with Flex Loose Ring Snaffle! This anatomically-designed, double-jointed, loose-ring bit features a flattened dome-shaped link to lower pressure in your horse’s mouth. This is one of Neue Schule’s most uncomplicated bits – the mouthpiece stays centred and arched over the tongue and remains unchanged during riding. This comfortable bit is ideal for horses with busy mouths, bringing their attention back to the reins. Made of high-copper Salox® Gold, the bit feels soft and quickly warms up in your horse’s mouth, encouraging acceptance gently.

We also love the Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher! Also known as a hanging cheek snaffle, the Baucher cheek offers more stability than loose-ring bits, which can be beneficial for over-sensitive mouths. This Baucher bit features a lozenge which relieves pressure in the horse’s mouth and Neue Schule’s innovative warming metal Salox® Gold which promotes warmth and acceptance of the bit. The Tranz Angled Lozenge Baucher assists the rider in maintaining a rounder outline and may be helpful for horses that resist the bit, helping them to lower the head and soften through the rein.

Of course, every horse is different and may not like our favourites. It is so important to get the correct bit for your horse for both horse and rider to have the best time, so why not view the collection here?