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Champion specializes in riding helmets, body protectors and equestrian accessories for everyday riders and professionals. Make safety your first choice and invest in Champion riding equipment.

Champion riding products

Pro equestrian gear

Champion is a brand that specializes in equestrian equipment and clothing that has been kitting out horse riding champions for more than 40 years. Champion products and clothing are made to support and enhance riding performance, always having safety as the main goal. Among the best-known champions who use this brand, you can find Ruby & Katie Walsh, Pippa Funnell, Piggy French, Kitty King and Sophie Wells. Over time, Champion has evolved their designs to keep up with the latest trends, while always taking care to also use the latest technologies to guarantee the safety of the everyday riders and professional experts who use this brand.

Champion riding helmets

Something that makes Champion stand out from other equestrian brands is their tried-and-trusted helmets. The best-sellers are their peaked helmets and jockey helmets, which not only come in a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs but are also made to be highly durable and withstand hard bumps and falls. Champion's state-of-the-art body protectors are packed with sturdy yet comfortable high quality pads, giving you the confidence to ride tough trails and over high jumps and obstacles with ease.

Safety-first riding helmets

Champion keep their legacy alive through their slogan "a reputation built on safety", found on each one of their products. We love the fact that Champion equestrian equipment is focused upholding all the latest safety standards, so you feel confident and comfortable, whatever that day's riding throws at you. With your safety ensured with Champion products, you can focus on enjoying the sport.