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Why do English riders shave their horse? (Science Explained)

According to Beta-Uk, the economic value of the equestrian sector stands at £4.7 billion of consumer spending across a wide range of goods and services each year. 2.4 million people in Britain ride. 

What do these stats tell you? Well, it is simple, the industry keeps growing and expanding, every single day!

But all these advancements don’t cloud the fact that there are still a few key issues that need to be addressed. The equestrian community still need a lot of useful information and proper data than ever before. 

Here at Saddle Up & Ride we constantly invest our time and energy trying to educate countless people out there on how they can have effectively equestrian adventures by trying to solve their numerous questions. 

One of the most common questions we constantly get asked is this, 

Why are horses being shaved? 

When should you not clip a horse?

Why are horses being shaved?

Why do English riders shave their horse? 

To start with the latter, the prime reasons why English riders shave their horse comes down to major reasons, comfort and health reasons. 

Still unclear? Okay well, I will explain since most can’t comprehend it. 

Listen, speaking of comfort, riders normally tend to shave their horses in order to make them comfortable and able to regulate their body temperature. 

“Clipping your horse once its winter coat has come through – usually around October – can be important for helping them maintain their body temperature while working during the winter months.

If your horse is working up a sweat, having a huge thick winter coat is going to mean they’ll either overheat and be unable to cool down, or spend too long wet and get cold.” 

Says Saddle Up & Ride in its article Horse Clippers. 

Based on what we have told you there, we hope that makes sense now. 

The other reason comes down due to health reasons, just like we have said, clipping your horse on a regular basis helps it to get away with some unnecessary disease. 

“One such health condition where horses are clipped is Cushing’s, a disease that can cause a horse to not shed its winter coat properly.”

Suggests Michigan State University also stream the horse to help them to dry more quickly which minimizes the sickness chance during winter. 

Does shaving hurt horses? 

Once done properly shaving a horse is not even a hurtful mission. One thing a trimmer needs to take into consideration is to make sure a horse is comfortable during and after the trimming process. 

In many cases the best way to make your horse feel comfortable when shaving is to have the best Horse Clippers 

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Closing Message:

Why do English riders shave their horse? Well covered. The best place to get all of your horse's clipping and Grooming tools? Covered.

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