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What Happens If You Don't Groom Your Horse? (Explained)

What Happens If You Don't Groom Your Horse? (Explained)

Of course, much has been said about what happens if you don’t groom your horse but in this amazing article, we will be talking about things most people don’t know about.

And they will blow your mind. Guaranteed.

Here at Saddle Up & Ride we always keep emphasizing this one, Grooming your horse on a regular basis is something that should always not be taken for granted. Just like any other tools such as Horse Riding Boots or Riding Gloves, horse grooming brushes are very vital as well. 

And every time we see incompetent people in the industry trying to give false advice telling people that they don’t need to take much care when it comes to horses’ grooming we end up shaking our heads at how backwards that advice is.

This article is going to address all those things.

“For many people, the most obvious benefit of having a horse is the whole riding part. And I totally agree. However, horses are much like cars in certain aspects. Like a car, if you don’t perform regular maintenance, the performance suffers. “

Suggests Dr. Anna O'Brien in the article, the benefits of grooming your horse. 

The following will happen when you don't groom your horse:

“We all know the amazing before and after transformation a good groom can give! But grooming your horse has more benefits than simply making them look fab. I

t’s essential to groom your horse in the areas where its tack will sit to avoid chaffing and rubbing before a ride, but spending the time to give them a proper brush down has many added benefits”

(Saddle Up & Ride)

Therefore, with that being said, by not grooming your horse you are automatically killing its fab look and causing unnecessary chaffing and irritation. To avoid all these then grooming is very indispensable. 

Secondly, It will cause unnecessary tension to your horse since proper grooming helps in massaging its muscles and relieves tension. We have said it once and we will say it again, Grooming not only helps your horse physically but mentally too. Those who regularly do this know what am trying to say here. 

“A good grooming session increases blood flow to the skin's surface, massages large muscle groups, and daily hoof picking keeps the feet clean and helps prevent common hoof issues such as thrush, a bacterial disease of the sole.” Says Petmd

Thirdly, it decreases the bond between you and your horse. 

Confusing, right? Okay well, let me explain this to you since most can’t comprehend it. 

Many horses tend to enjoy this process as it makes them feel easy and comfortable, neglecting this will cause unnecessary disbond between the two that could be easily avoided. 

“Quiet time with just you, your horse, and a brush can communicate feelings of communal pleasantries that benefit both horse and rider.”

Suggests Dr. Anna O'Brien, an accomplished veterinarian and award-winning writer with over a decade of experience treating livestock, domestic, and exotic animals. 

How Often Should You Groom a Horse?

We constantly get asked this question a lot, but look, it is scientifically advisable to groom your horse at least once a day. However, processes like hoof-picking don’t need to get done every day.

And when it comes to how long should you groom a horse 20-25 minutes seems to be a very reasonable time. Suggests The Plaid Horse in its article Why You Should Groom Your Horse

Horse Grooming Tools At The Best Price

Since horse grooming makes a very pivotal part of the horseback riding process, one should be very serious when it comes to picking what is the best tool for horse grooming.  Failure to do so will result to unnecessary disturbances for both of you. 

The very best and well known horse grooming tools are like:

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Final Message:

Grooming your horse is one of the most iconic activities you absolutely need to do as a rider, neglecting it is like trying fixing your computer and forgetting to include its hard drive, it simply won’t function, will it? And when it comes to what happens if you don’t groom your horse we hope this article managed to widen your eyes open.