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What are gloves used for in horse riding? (Updated 2022)


Do I need gloves for riding?

Why do horse riders wear gloves?

What are gloves used for in horse riding?

And many more!

If you have been searching on the internet recently you might have come across these kinds of questions. Haven’t you?

And yeah, it is not a surprising matter at all. That’s a real scenario in the equestrian industry, every single day. 

We have said it once and we will say it again that, horse riding gloves to the equestrian industry are like oxygen to plants and animals. They are simply non negotiable pertaining to a rider’s tool kit when riding. 

“No equestrian kit is complete without a decent pair of durable horse riding gloves” Says Horse Land, it continues…

When it comes to horse riding and training, safety should be your #1 priority at all times. Although you might not think it, gloves can be as essential as a helmet, whether you are riding in rain or sunshine!”

Why do horse riders wear gloves?

For The Sake Of Protection

Yes, you have read it right. There is nothing that can give your hands maximum protection like riding gloves.

Riding gloves are vital for protection when riding and around the yard. Gloves and body protectors are vital component in protecting riders, we talked about this in Do Body Protectors Work Horse Riding article. 

Let’s face it, your hands always get exposed to various things when at the saddle. With proper gloves is how you make your skin and nails completely safely and non intact. 

Getting Rid Of Unfriendly Weather

Are you honestly going to argue about this? Basically can’t. Protecting your hands from maximum cold and wind is what gloves used for in horse riding.

This is not debatable.

We all know how cold and windy it gets once you are riding a horse. Even in the warmer months, a horse rider’s hands can get cold very quickly while riding, and the only way to regain comfortability is by having gloves. 

“Wet weather can affect our grip ability depending upon the task.” Says the British Horse Society. It continues,  Hot weather can cause hands to sweat, so a material that is also breathable would be a wise choice to minimise this.”

A Bit Of Fashion Sense!

I know this may sound cliche but it’s true, There are no other accessories you’ll miss so much when you don’t have them! Just like any other sporting activity, appearing neat, smart and organized is very indispensable and when it comes to horseback riding the riding gloves really add some fashion sense to a rider. 

We could keep on talking more about why horse riders wear gloves but at least these pieces of content managed to give you the perfect picture of their importance. 

Next? Comfortability. 

Ask anyone who has been horseback riding and will tell you the same thing. Horse riding gloves really make you as a rider much more comfortable when in the saddle and make your riding journey ten times easier and better. 

“As with riding, it is important that you are able to grip and that the material will allow you to make small adjustments to equipment without hindering your safety”

Says the British Horse Society. It goes on “Wearing gloves create stabled environment will help with your ability to maintain control and hopefully avoid a horse becoming unintentionally loose.” 

What should I look for in horse riding gloves?

When it comes to what you should look for in riding gloves, there are so many boxes to be ticked but at least these should not be left behind. 

  •  Classic design 
  •  Super-lightweight
  • waterproof presence
  •  Fabric & synthetic Pattern
  •  Touch phone compatible
  •  long gusseted cuffs

Long story short, you should always go for a riding glove which can feel like a second skin and allow enhanced grip on the reins without any bunching or pinching at the fingers.

“The gloves should be comfortable, have excellent breathability and provide a good feel on the reins to make them suitable for both hacking, schooling and competing.” Suggests Horse and Hound in its article “Best Summer Horse Riding Gloves On The Market”

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