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The Brand's of Comfort

The importance of keeping your horse comfortable cannot be overstated. Prioritising their physical health and mental well-being not only ensures their happiness and longevity but also enhances their performance and strengthens the human-horse bond.

Griffin NuuMed has established itself as a well-respected brand in the field of equestrian sports and horse care products. Offering a rich background and uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Black Griffin NuuMed Girth sleeve is designed to keep your horse comfortable and without sores from your horses girth. If you have the pleasure of owning a sensitive skinned horse this will become your best friend!


ARMA from Shires Equestrian is a family owned business launched in 1968. With over 50 years experience Shires have become a loved brand within the equestrian world throughout the levels.

The ARMA tendon & fetlock boots are also completed with a lavish soft SupaFleece lining that reaps all the benefits of sheepskin in an easy-care fabric. By increasing airflow, wicking away moisture and offering superior cushioning, they deliver maximum comfort for your horse throughout wear.

They both recognize that each horse is an individual, and their extensive range of products is tailored to suit various equine disciplines and breeds.

By understanding and respecting our equine companions, we can foster a harmonious and joyful relationship that will bring both horse and rider endless happiness and unforgettable experiences.

Shop more of our comfort ranges such as the ARMA fleece lined girth, Supafleece seat saver and Acavallo gel seatsaver