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Hydrate those Hooves

Maintaining the health of a horse's hooves is paramount to its overall well-being and performance. Proper hoof care, including the use of hydration products and daily hoof dressings, plays a crucial role in preventing issues such as cracks, thrush, and abscesses, which can lead to more serious health problems and affect a horse's ability to move and work effectively.

Hydration products are essential for keeping the hoof's moisture at an optimal level. The hooves of a horse can become too dry, leading to brittleness and cracks, or too moist, which can result in softness and vulnerability to infections. Hydration products help balance moisture levels, ensuring hooves are neither too dry nor too wet. They work by either adding moisture to a dry hoof or sealing it to prevent excess moisture loss, which is especially important in varying climates and during changes in seasons.

Daily hoof dressings are another key aspect of hoof care. These products provide a barrier against harmful bacteria and fungi, reduce the risk of infections, and promote healthy hoof growth. They often contain natural ingredients like lanolin, pine tar, and fish oil, which penetrate the hoof wall to improve its strength and flexibility. By regularly applying hoof dressings, horse owners can help maintain the integrity of the hoof wall and sole, supporting overall hoof health.

Here at Saddle Up and Ride we reccomend using Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing and Carr & Day & Martinn Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser

 Implementing a consistent hoof care regimen, including the application of hydration products and daily hoof dressings, along with regular check-ups from a farrier or veterinarian, is essential. This proactive approach to hoof maintenance not only ensures the horse remains comfortable and healthy but also enhances its performance and longevity. Education on the proper application of these products and understanding the unique needs of each horse's hooves are vital for effective care.