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Haynet Heaven

Haynets, also popularly referred to as hay bags, are woven bags designed to hold hay. They have risen in popularity among horse owners, breeders, and trainers, and for good reason. These seemingly simple tools offer a plethora of benefits that can significantly impact the health and well-being of horses.

1. Reduction of Hay Waste
One of the most immediate and noticeable benefits of using haynets is the drastic reduction in hay wastage. When hay is directly thrown on the ground, a significant portion gets trampled underfoot, mixed with dirt, or becomes soiled, making it inedible. Haynets prevent this by keeping the hay contained, ensuring more hay goes into the horse and less onto the ground.

2. Mimics Natural Grazing Behavior
In the wild, horses graze slowly throughout the day. When provided with haynets, especially those with smaller mesh sizes, horses eat slower. This slowed consumption closely mirrors their natural eating habits, which is better for their digestive systems.

3. Improved Digestion
The steady, prolonged intake of hay facilitated by haynets allows for better digestion. When horses gulp down large quantities of hay rapidly, it can lead to digestive issues like colic. A more consistent and slower intake ensures that the digestive enzymes have ample time to act on the food.

4. Reduction of Dust and Debris Ingestion
Ground-fed hay often exposes horses to dust, mold, and other debris. Elevated feeding using haynets can prevent horses, especially those with respiratory problems, from inhaling these irritants, ensuring a cleaner feed and reducing potential health issues.

5. Prevents Overeating and Associated Health Problems
Haynets, especially those labeled as “slow feeders”, restrict the amount of hay a horse can pull out at one time. This helps in preventing overeating, which can lead to obesity, laminitis, and other metabolic disorders.

6. Mental Stimulation and Reduced Boredom
When confined to stalls or small paddocks, horses can get bored. The challenge of extracting hay from a net provides mental stimulation, preventing habits like cribbing, weaving, or other stress-related behaviors.

7. Economical Benefits
Beyond the obvious savings from reduced hay waste, haynets can lead to indirect financial benefits. Healthier horses mean fewer vet bills. Plus, when horses are mentally engaged and less bored, there's a reduced risk of destructive behaviors that might damage stables or other equipment.

8. Portability and Convenience
Haynets are portable, making them especially useful during travels, competitions, or events. They ensure that horses have a consistent hay source wherever they are, without the mess or waste.