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Guard your Horse's Legs as you would Treasure! Protect from Mud Fever !

Mud fever, a common equine skin condition, primarily affects horses' lower legs and can lead to significant discomfort and health issues. Its importance lies in both the prevention and the management of the condition.



Causes and Risk Factors: Mud fever is caused by bacteria that thrive in wet, muddy conditions. The bacteria infiltrate the skin through small cuts or abrasions, often exacerbated in wet conditions. Horses with longer hair on their legs, those living in damp environments, or those regularly exposed to muddy fields are particularly at risk.

Symptoms and Impact: The condition manifests as inflammation, soreness, and scabbing on the legs. If left untreated, it can lead to swelling, lameness, and even cellulitis, a severe bacterial skin infection. Besides physical discomfort, mud fever can also affect a horse's overall wellbeing and performance.


Protect your Horse's Legs with Lincoln.

Protecting horses' legs during winter, especially in wet and muddy conditions, is crucial for their health and comfort. Lincoln Muddy Buddy products offer a range of solutions for this purpose.

  • Lincoln Muddy Buddy Ointment: This product serves as an antibacterial, waterproof barrier for horses. It is especially useful for application on the heels and lower legs in wet and muddy conditions. The ointment not only soothes affected areas but also provides an effective protective barrier. It's particularly beneficial in severe conditions, safeguarding against the softening and vulnerability of the skin in long, dewy grass and muddy grounds. The inclusion of sulphur in its formulation enhances its effectiveness before skin problems exacerbate​

  •  Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub: This is a powerful antibacterial leg wash designed for easy removal of mud and dirt from horse legs. It contains a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent to combat harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy, and dirty environments. Regular use of this scrub can effectively cleanse and help maintain the health of the horse's skin and coat​

  • Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder: This antibacterial, water-repellent powder is ideal for application on the lower legs of horses in wet and muddy conditions. It's particularly beneficial for horses prone to skin irritation in such environments. The powder protects the area and provides a strong water repellent barrier, keeping the skin hygienically clean. Constant exposure to muddy, wet conditions can weaken the skin's natural barrier defenses on horse legs, particularly in colder weather, leading to issues like Mud Fever. This powder shields the skin to form an effective, water-repellent film, thus preventing such conditions​

  • Protecting horses from mud fever is not just about treating an ailment but about ensuring their overall health and quality of life. Regular preventative care, attentive grooming, and prompt treatment of any symptoms are key to keeping horses healthy and happy. The responsibility lies with horse owners and caregivers to be vigilant, especially during wet and muddy seasons.